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I'm negative $500K+

It may seem easy to say I'm broke but to say and feel that burden of the debt that I have and the understanding that I am not getting ahead by working my butt off can be depressing.  I look at the FI or Financial Independence/ FIRE Financial Independence Retire Early and wonder if it's possible at 38 years old if this might still be possible.  

Why did I get to this point and what happens?  I have 9 revolving credit accounts.  I have interest rates from 9.99% to 22.5%.  It's when you see that interest per month accounts for easily $3500/month... that means before I decrease me debt I have to make greater than $3500.  Even at a higher level of earning that, I have to make 42K/year.  Granted in the world of advanced practice nursing that pays that amount... it becomes overwhelming.  To have that amount after taxes I have to consider it takes almost $84K to pay that $42,000 if I were W-2.  

This doesn't begin to include my real estate business.  I own 6 homes outright in Kansas.  One completely needing a full rehab and one needing minor rehab.  Two are full time rented, and one is Airbnb rented or long term rented separately.  These start at $6000 to $42K on initial buy price and needed anything from $5000 to $40K in fix-up expenses.  Although these are paid in cash, they don't bring in the cash-flow, at this point, that one might expect.  If you are wondering where the money came to take care of these... I put expenses on the credit cards until I could pay that money back.  Is this what made it all so bad?  Not exactly.

We started a journey of surrogacy.  The surrogacy process was expected to be $48,000 and was going through Mexico ... we started this process just over 3 years ago.  We started out so excited and then two egg donors, multiple surrogates, a miscarriage, and 7 embryo transfers we finally had a pregnancy that resulted in our daughter.  Then I was stuck in Mexico for 7 weeks attempting to get out of the country legally with our daughter.  Over $150,000 in lost wages and fees for surrogacy later we had our daughter back in the US and then started the Legal work that one year later resulted in the 2nd parent adoption for my husband.  More lost wages, and legal expenses later we had everything done.  Is that all... No. 

Given the length of time working for Elizabeth, we decided to start the surrogacy journey for a sibling and decided that the US would be a better option.  We found a surrogate, moved our home to Virginia with the purchase of a new home.  That was $7000 down on 379K in home debt but you have to live somewhere that is good for school, and a safe neighborhood right?  So, one would think we had it all together getting to Virginia and having found the Surrogate, did the legal documentation, found the surrogacy agency and found our egg-donor.  We made four embryos and went through two failed embryo transfers and found ourselves not pregnant... we had effectively lost approximately $51,000 and we have to look to starting over in this.  I had contracts set-up to be able to work and due to inefficiency the contracts didn't start.  They failed to do their due dilligence in making sure I could start work.  

Now I'm traveling states away while the family is in Virginia.  I spend weeks away trying to make sure I'm able to provide for family and bills.  I look to the FI possibilities and the amount lost each month and cringe.  Despite being able to cover the bills... this is not what I anticipated as a Travel independent Nurse Anesthetist.  I always looked at being a highly skilled provider and said I was good for the funds.  I'm looking at the future and wondering how I can dig my way out of this.  

I'm putting this here, not to get sympathy or to get comments.... I put this here so I have the accountability in getting the debts paid down.  Oh, I didn't mention that I have a paid off Jeep, a very high car payment on a truck, and finally I acquired a personal loan to help pay for things at some point along the way.  Did I forget that I didn't pay taxes yet for last year... yup it's tax time and I have only paid in $10,000 in the taxes for last year and have about $40K to come up with over the next few months.  

So, If you are interested in continuing to follow my journey to FI... you're going to notice on this blog that I will also add updates on when I pay off credit or loans and where I'm putting $$ earned each month.  I hope it's ok to use you guys for some accountability and making sure I get my life back to healthy on the financial concepts.  


Rough start

We left Philadelphia and things were looking good for the first 30 seconds.... 

We hit rush-hour traffic and were in a losing battle of time and weather.  I drove the blasted uhaul (26 foot beast) straight down as much as I could.  By 8:30pm it was snowing.  I was supposed to be in by 8:55 and I had so far to go.  Francisco became overwhelmed by the night and snow forcing he and Elizabeth to stop about 80 miles from Hampton Roads.  I forged on with the thought that i would not miss closing on the house or work.   

  I woke this morning to the information that the tunnel was closed and snow would last well into the day.  I made e-mails and texts in order to get the closing on the house accomplished.  Finally, i had an Uber to the notary’s home.  I officially closed and Uber said no cars were available.... i walked through the snow in order to get back to the hotel.  We are now the proud owners of a home loan.  

I found out i was cancelled for work on Friday.  Very happy for the 8 hour guaranteed day!   

This potentially gives me time to get things moved into the house!  Many things to be done!   

All those on the New England coast... be careful in snowmageddon.  


i don’t know about you but it’s pretty crazy around our household.  My calendar for January is looking busy. Next week will be a crazy time and my husband might disown me.  

Wednesday, like all days I’ll be up and going to work at 6 AM.  The difference is that the movers will be walking in the door at 6AM.  They are packing everything then loading the Uhaul.  Then, I’ll get home from work and we drop off the keys, fobs, and say see ya later to Philadelphia.  We are to make it 2.5 hours south into Maryland.   

Sounds totally easy right?  We only have to put the dogs up front in the Uhaul.  Get the kid in the back seat of the Jeep and have everything packed/loaded in 10 hours.  The next morning we have to leave by 7AM.  If not we miss the walk-through on the home that has caused some stress over the past weeks.  

We’ll drive another 2.5 hours and arrive immediately at the house.  Park in the driveway walk through the home and make sure all is in good order.  We’ll rush to the hotel and drop off the dogs, check in for my parents and us for the two whole nights.  Then it’s again off to closing in Virginia Beach.  When that part is done we’ll again be home-owners.   

It doesn’t sound like too much.  But, I start work the following day so again it’s up to Francisco to get things unloaded from the Uhaul and unpacked.  my parents are coming to help install, set-up, baby-proof, and shop.  I don’t know if they are ready for what they are in for!

The one-day move and in-between contracts.  It’s going to be a bit stressful but i know we can do it!   

The rest of the month is just surrogacy, 3 work places and contracts, two birthday parties, and having a fence built.  

Planning just like all things is key but being able to maintain the plan as a fluid work is key.  Happy almost New Years! 


Have i told you lately how challenging I never thought buying a home would be?  It wasn’t the loan process.  It wasn’t finding the house. It wasn’t that i wanted something high in the price range or terribly crazy. It was the IRS. 

2015 they say they never got my taxes despite them saying they should have.they were electronically submitted twice, mailed and 3 weeks ago faxed. They have given time ranges of 3weeks to 6 months.   i still don’t have the transcript of them being entered. I gave up.  

My mortgage broker is at the top of his company and my brother.  He has been there 9 years and a lender for years before starting.  I knew he was good but he was able to get some exceptions based on who he is and my financial past helped.  It’s not that it was easy or normal and I know i stressed him out.  

Thing is i have been a rule following good boy for nearly 38 years and beurocracy and things out of my control were affecting me.   

I have to say i will time and again always go to him because I know no other mortgage broker would have gone through allllll the hasslesfrom proof of 1099 income, rental properties, strange stock investments, and just one crazy life with a history of moving 38 times in 38 years.  

If you have any mortgage needs i don’t hesitate to recommend him.  You should know that his company will require 2 years 1099 income history, if you are 1099. If W-2 just a contract or statement of employment and verification of income are needed.   

To get Matt please E-mail:

Tell him I said he is amazing and you heard on ... no i don’t get anything for this.... just want him to know his little bro knows he is amazing!  

Hello Hawaii

Here i am in Hawaii and I’m working on credentialing paperwork for the hospital and home loan paperwork for the mortgage.  It always seems i have to do some work on vacation.  I guess that’s part of being an adult these days.  

I try to be complete in getting things returned very quickly.  I told everyone that they should have paperwork done as I would be on vacation.  I figured I’d get some mortgage stuff as my brother is my broker and he is here... but credentialing for the hospital.  Canitant that I’ve done the agency/group/ and now hospital credential paperwork?  I know some hospitals third party credential... but why is it we can’t be centrally credentialed?   

I guess i can see how it would be negative because if you had any speed bump that would keep that group from credentialling and you’d be out of a job anywhere.  I just don’t see how we can get so many background checks?  Mine has been checked about every 6 months since i was 18. 

i hope i get in on that central credentialing agency! :). Granted it would likely be run by the nbcrna, aana, or nursys :) 

Staying up to date

If anyone is like me and had to replace a credit card and that is how your membership is renewed on the AANA site.... check to make sure your Membership in-fact renewed.  Mine has yet to be renewed as that happened.  However, the E-mail says we have until October 31 so I'm trying to make sure I pay my dues right away and don't incur interest on the credit card.  

I hop you have been looking around on the website and been able to find pages like the state meetings, financial education, CEU, and even some of the job listings mentioned.  Not to mention seeing how to support us as we aren't charging for job posting, meetings, CEU companies as all are CRNA based and working constantly to improve the site!  

We'll be updating the mortgage and qualifying information as there is much more to learn on how things are affected by 1099 work.  

Insurance page is still coming soon as I continue to ask some of the top advisors for more information on how to best give more information.  

I continue to try and make this site for you.  if you have more questions... e-mail me at

AANA Meeting

I wish I was able to meet everyone up in Seattle but this year is the new family time.  We have so many things we want to do each and every day it's just impossible to do all of them.  

I hope that all will make time for the vote and meetings as they are on-line this year!  

I am truly trying to make this site and blog helpful.  Help me make it standout as a site that others go to for solid information.  The only way to do this is to have people know that it exists and then to give feedback on how I can improve it.  

I have sent more than ten companies e-mails asking for tips, blogs, and information on how to help CRNAs in the tax, financial, mortgage, and insurance areas.  These areas are key to the financial health and well being of the independent/locum CRNA.  

I'm hopeful to get more and more information to you as I am able to get these very busy professionals to pass along their professional information.  I will continue to strive to give you excellent content and information as able.  

Please make time to go to the exhibits and tell locum agencies they can post their ads up so you can see what just applies to locums.  Also, give people both the Facebook and site so that they can be involved and continue to learn.  

I look forward to hearing your experiences in the future.  

New Additions

Hello to all!!!

I'm working on getting more information on Insurances from Canyon Clifton as a blog post and then more information to feature on a page with-in the website here.  This way the information is readily available.  

I'm also working on a blog post from Matt at Mortgage Lenders of America on 1099 Mortgage loans and recommendations.  This will also be added to the blog and a separate page for future reference.  

I'm going to be reaching out to tax preparers and financial advisors for their input as well.  

Please keep an eye out for any information you would like to see added so this website is best for you!