This can be a daunting word and one that will insight fear, frustration, and just plain hatred in the hearts of many providers.  You are not alone.  However, as you go through the process you can make this easier each time you might need to go through this process and the easiest thing to do is keep an actively updated file electronically or physically with you.  This can be a living document that you scan in each time you need to credential or a set of files in a folder on your computer or even E-mail.

Things to keep and are needed in most credentialing packets include:

1.     Your up-to-date  and complete Curriculum Vitae

2.     DD214 if you were military

3.     CEUs for two years.

4.     ACLS BLS PALS NRP or other

5.     NBCRNA card

6.     Case Logs, if you have. (If no copies are on hand consider having the contacts listed for the  credential checker to get this data easier and order a copy for yourself)

7.     Malpractice insurance face sheets for your career (i.e. from day 1 as a CRNA) If you worked for a large company they will have this available on request.  

8.     If any litigation, standard written data and outcomes 

9.     Copies of licenses, all licenses listed in easy to read format with day/mon/year of acquisition and renewal

10.  A list of Hospital Affiliations, address, phone, e-mail of credentialing department

11. Copy of Drivers License or Passport.  Generally both

12.  Copy of Social Security card

13.  A filled out W-9 for your business or personal

14.  CAQH filled in on the database on-line

15.   Copies of undergraduate and graduate degrees

16.   3 references ready to fill-in  (each place ask as many people as you routinely work with if they will write you a reference.  Include a rare additional surgeon)

17.   A Passport photo to attach to the file

18.   Keep a copy of transcripts for both undergrad and graduate work but don’t include unless requested.

19. Recent National Provider Data Bank Self Query results 

20. Immunization records including titers, flu, ppd, dtap, MMR, TB, Hep b etc

21. Review NURSYS to ensure all your licenses and renewals are up to date