Staying up to date

If anyone is like me and had to replace a credit card and that is how your membership is renewed on the AANA site.... check to make sure your Membership in-fact renewed.  Mine has yet to be renewed as that happened.  However, the E-mail says we have until October 31 so I'm trying to make sure I pay my dues right away and don't incur interest on the credit card.  

I hop you have been looking around on the website and been able to find pages like the state meetings, financial education, CEU, and even some of the job listings mentioned.  Not to mention seeing how to support us as we aren't charging for job posting, meetings, CEU companies as all are CRNA based and working constantly to improve the site!  

We'll be updating the mortgage and qualifying information as there is much more to learn on how things are affected by 1099 work.  

Insurance page is still coming soon as I continue to ask some of the top advisors for more information on how to best give more information.  

I continue to try and make this site for you.  if you have more questions... e-mail me at