AANA Meeting

I wish I was able to meet everyone up in Seattle but this year is the new family time.  We have so many things we want to do each and every day it's just impossible to do all of them.  

I hope that all will make time for the vote and meetings as they are on-line this year!  

I am truly trying to make this site and blog helpful.  Help me make it standout as a site that others go to for solid information.  The only way to do this is to have people know that it exists and then to give feedback on how I can improve it.  

I have sent more than ten companies e-mails asking for tips, blogs, and information on how to help CRNAs in the tax, financial, mortgage, and insurance areas.  These areas are key to the financial health and well being of the independent/locum CRNA.  

I'm hopeful to get more and more information to you as I am able to get these very busy professionals to pass along their professional information.  I will continue to strive to give you excellent content and information as able.  

Please make time to go to the exhibits and tell locum agencies they can post their ads up so you can see what just applies to locums.  Also, give people both the Facebook and LocumCRNA.com site so that they can be involved and continue to learn.  

I look forward to hearing your experiences in the future.