Licensure is different for every state and may take up to 6 months (especially Hawaii and California).  Please check with the state board of Nursing.  Links and basic requirements that we could find are below.  

Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Guam, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana- Registered Nurse, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia-Practical Nurse, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Endorsement Application States Participating in NURSYS


COMPACT STATES--eNLC changing.  compact states are having to re-submit and therefor compact licenses may change effective Jan 19th
Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

With compact you should only have to show your compact status by NURSYS and then apply for APRN/CRNA status.  


Online application.  

Failure to provide all information will result in forfeiture and withdrawal of application without refund.  

Not required in all states.  Please Verify that it is Required for your state.  


Click on the state if it's GREEN and you will be linked to the state board of nursing.  This is meant to be a resource and the BON requirements may be greater than what is listed below.  Please check with the state for their full requirements



RN-  Electronic Application

Fee- 85$ + 50$ for Temp + Credit Card Processing Fee

Must have SSN

RN School Requirements


24 Month CEU’s

Verification by NURSYS


            Masters degree or higher (grad prior to 2003 exempt)

            NBCRNA Certification

            On-line application

            $150 initial collaboration fee

Official Graduate Transcript

*24 CEU’s per renewal with 6 in pharmacology



RN- directly copied from BON website

1.    A completed signed and notarized application. A completed application must include an original, passport type photograph, approximately two inches by two inches of the face and shoulders on photography paper, taken within the six months immediately preceding the date of application.

2.    Check or money order for $275.00 (or $325.00 to include a temporary permit) made payable to the State of Alaska. Fees: $50.00 nonrefundable application fee, $165.00 license fee, $60.00 fingerprint processing fee and $50.00 temporary permit fee (if permit requested).

3.    One properly completed fingerprint card on a card supplied or approved by the Alaska Board of Nursing (Form FD-258). The completed fingerprint card will be used to check the criminal history records of the State of Alaska and the FBI per A.S. 12.62.400. National Criminal History Record Checks For Employment, Licensing, and Other Noncriminal Justice Purposes.

4.    Verification of licensure sent directly from (or made available via the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) online verification system at ): 1) the state or Canadian province where you received initial licensure and 2) from a state or Canadian province where you hold a current license. (Send only one form if your initial license is still current.)

You must hold a current license in another state to be eligible for a nursing license by endorsement in Alaska. This license must be current at the time the board issues the permanent license. An inactive status is not a current license.

Canadian nurses who passed the CNATS exam before August 1980, with a score of at least 350 on each of the five parts of the examination, or after July 1980 but before July 1992, with a score of 400 may apply for a License by Endorsement. Applicants who took the CNATS after June 1992, must apply to take the NCLEX examination. See 12 AAC 44.310(d).

5.    Verification, on a form provided by the Department, of at least 320 hours of employment in a nursing capacity within the two years before the date the application is received by the Board. If you cannot document 320 hours of employment in the past two years, you must satisfy the continuing competency requirements of the Board or complete a Board approved refresher course.

If you have not practiced nursing within the preceding five years, you must submit proof of completion of a board approved refresher course as required by 12 AAC 44.305(a)(4). Board approved refresher courses can be found at

Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing

Board of NursingPhone: (907) 269-8161«Fax: (907) 269-8196 Email:


6. If you graduated from a registered nurse or practical nurse program offered by a school of nursing outside of the United States including territories or Canada, except Quebec, Canada, where English is not the primary language of the country or from a school in the United States and territories where English is not the primary language, verification of passing one of the following English proficiency examinations, with at least the following minimum scores:

·       International English Language Testing System (IELTS) academic examination – overall score of 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 on all modules;

·       Test of English as a Foreign Language, paper-based test (TOEFL-PBT) – overall score of 560 with a score on the Test of Spoken English (TSE) of 50;

·       Test of English as a Foreign Language, computer-based test (TOEFL-CBT) – overall score of 220 with a score on the Test of Spoken English (TSE) of 50;

·       Test of English as a Foreign Language, Internet-based test (TOEFL-iBT) – overall score of 84 with a speaking score of 26.


A temporary permit may be issued at the discretion of the board. To be eligible for the permit, in addition to the application documents and fees, submit:

1.    An additional $50 fee for the temporary permit, and

2.    A certified true copy of your current license in another state licensing jurisdiction, and

3.    The completed employment verification form.

Temporary permits are valid for six months and are nonrenewable. Temporary permits are generally issued within 10 business days of receipt of a properly completed application, fees, fingerprint cards, completed employment verification form and certified true copy of a current license. It is your responsibility to know the expiration date of your permit and to make sure your paperwork is complete for your permanent license.

To obtain a “certified true copy,” a notary public must compare the original to the photocopy. The notary must write “I certify this to be a true copy of the original document” on the photocopy and attest to the fact by signing and notarizing the document. If the notary will not certify the copy, you may certify that it is a true copy of the original and have your signature notarized. Be sure that the notary signs and seals the document with an official seal.

CRNA- directly copied from BON application

1.    Completed application form, signed and notarized.

2.    Check or money order made payable to the STATE OF ALASKA (see application for fee schedule):

3.    Certified transcript sent directly from an educational program evidencing successful completion of a graduate educational program prescribed by a school of nurse anesthesia accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency approved by the United States Department of Education and the Board of Nursing.

4.    Certified true copy of current national certification or recertification.

5.    Written practice guidelines applicable to your practice in an Alaskan facility (form enclosed).

6.     Reference form (enclosed) completed by one of the three persons listed as professional references on your application.

7.    Certified true copy of current registered nurse anesthetist license or authorization in another state or jurisdiction (applicable if applying for a temporary permit).

8.   FOR PRESCRIPTIVE AUTHORITY (which includes controlled substances): Submit copies of certificates reflecting 15 contact hours of advanced pharmacology relating to the administration of anesthesia obtained within the past two years. 




License Verification

Copy of verification of Citizenship


Fees 150$ application + 50$ Fingerprint + Temporary 50$




Official Letter




Fees 150$ + Fingerprints 50$ + temp $35



Application –online

Payment $125 + 30$ temp + prescriptive authority? 160$


NURSYS or license verification

Employment Verification

Fingerprint / Background check


Official Transcript

Certification Verification


APRN application




Application $150 fee


Fingerprint or LiveScan if in California


2”2” passport photo



Application online or paper $150 fee

Passport photos x2


DD214 if Honorably discharged … priority review

Official Transcript and verification letter

FBI Fingerprint

Temporary $30



On-line application

$43 Fee


Compact State


On-line Application

$75 fee

multiple required docs see requirement on the two links RN AND APRN







Official Transcript

Verification of Licenses


$200 fee

50 continuing ed hours

30 pharmacology hours

Masters or higher.  Those certified before 1994 grandfathered

Verfication of AANA/NBCRNA

Official Transcripts




PDF Application



Copy of Drivers License

Fingerprint/Criminal Background Check


PDF Application






Application On-line $110

Digital Fingerprinting-  Cards have to be processed and scanned into the system if not able to do IN Florida LIVESCAN

Verification of Licensure 


Above required +  Malpractice form or Exemption + NBCRNA +$100


RN-Requirements Click HERE

Application is included in the link above

NURSYS + $75

CRNA- Requirements

 Application is included in the link above




Electronic Application

Fingerprint through FieldPrint

CRNA- Electronic Application 



License Verification




Employment Reference

NURSYS + Endorsement 

Fingerprint Card

Idaho Police Statement Form

Application On-line



The above +

Primary state of residence declaration

Official Transcript

Temporary available



Endorsement application

$50 fee


Temporary available

NURSYS Verifications


Above Plus


pharmacy education requirement


$50 Fee



online or paper application  Application for License by Endorsement

Must request Fingerprint card from Iowa

$169 to Iowa BON

NURSYS or original licensure state information

Requested on paper from the Iowa Board of Nursing by sending an email, or by phone to 515.281.4826.  (Fingerprint cards and waiver form will be included with the application.) IF sending by mail... all must be in the same envelope.


On-line application at IBON Online Services then select Initial Application as an ARNP

“IBON Online Services.”

paper application

RN License in process first

Fee $81



Official Transcripts



Official Transcript

On-line Application

Application $75

NURSYS and/or Official Verifications of Original Licensure

Criminal background check by fingerprint cards

Background $48  LIVE SCAN IN OFFICE $7.50 possible... call for appointment 785-296-3375


Same as above

Official Transcripts

On-line application through portal above




On-line application


Court ordered Background check


On-line CEU course







Passport photo signed and dated on the back

Notarized Application

NURSYS and/or Original Licensure Verifications

Criminal Background Check/Fingerprints

SSN / Official Transcripts

Application $140.75 + Temp $100 


Application $140.75  Live Scan Fingerprints in the Louisiana Board of Nursing... add $10

Official Transcripts

Nursys and/or Original Licensure Verification




Application On-line

Verification of Original Licensure

Passport Photos x 2 


$75 fee



Final Transcripts


Application + $100 fee


AUGUSTA, MAINE 04333-0158

(207) 287-1138



Application on-line

$100 License Fee

$40 Temporary Fee

Passport Photos

Original Licensure by state or Nursys


$50 fee

Permanent RN Licensure (May be Compact)

Official Final Transcripts

Collaboration agreement 

4 weeks or longer


Residency declaration


no paper applications allowed follow the link above for online application

Fingerprints and Background checks

Online requirements


NURSYS verification initial licensure and current active licensure. If states are non-participating then paper verification is required

Endorsement Application Packet for RN Licensure

Confirmation of Nursing Employment for Licensure by Endorsement 


Fee is by money order only. no personal check allowed

online or in-print application

RN license, fingerprints, background check 

Form for practice agreement

DEA information (if held)


"Licensed APRNs are authorized to prescribe, dispense and administer drugs, controlled substances (Schedule II through V) and therapeutic devices.

How does an advanced practice registered nurse identify authority to practice?

  • Jane Doe APRN, CNS
  • Jane Doe APRN, CNP
  • Jane Doe APRN, CNM
  • Jane Doe APRN,CRNA
  • Educational degrees may be added.

Is a collaborative management plan required?  

CNM and CRNA are not required to have a collaborative management agreement nor a written prescribing agreement (except for a CRNA who will provide nonsurgical therapies for acute or chronic pain - see below). CNPs and CNSs beginning practice after July 1, 2014, must practice for at least 2,080 hours within the context of a collaborative management setting in a hospital or integrated clinical setting where APRNs and physicians work together. A written prescribing agreement is not required.

CRNA practice of nonsurgical therapies for acute and chronic pain: 

Acute and chronic pain:  A CRNA may perform nonsurgical therapies for acute and chronic pain symptoms upon referral and in collaboration with a Minnesota licensed physician. The CRNA and the one or more physicians must have a mutually agreed upon plan that designates the scope of collaboration needed for providing nonsurgical therapies to patients with acute and chronic pain. The CRNA must perform the nonsurgical therapies at the same licensed health care facility as the physician. 

Chronic pain:  A CRNA must have a written prescribing agreement with a Minnesota licensed physician that defines the delegated responsibilities related to prescribing drugs and therapeutic devices within the scope of the agreement and the practice of the CRNA."

  • CRNAs who practice nonsurgical pain management must complete the Verification of CRNA Written Prescribing Agreement form. 



On-line application for licensure 

RN license fee of $100


NURSYS verification and original state licensure verification / non-nurses state verifications

background check




Please click the link above to application

  • Completed, signed and notarized application

  • $55.00 fee - Make check or money order payable to Missouri State Board of Nursing. The fee may be a money order, cashier’s check or personal

    check. The fee is non-refundable.

  • Evidence of U.S. citizenship or lawful presence

  • Criminal background checks

  • Verification of License(s). Go to and click on Request Verification.

  • Official final transcript or course-by-course evaluation report, if educated in a foreign country, Puerto Rico or Canada. Request that your nursing

    education program submit an official final transcript. The transcript must include your current name, date of completion, degree or diploma awarded, signature if the director/registrar and the school seal or stamp. If educated in a foreign country, Puerto Rico or Canada see the section “International, Puerto Rico or Canadian Educated” for additional information regarding transcript requirements. 

CRNA-APRN Application

Signed and notarized application (click the link above)

$150 application fee


Link to Apply for RN On-Line


Application for CRNA

Licensure by Credentialing Requirements: (If you have an APRN license in another state. Also referred to as ENDORSEMENT in the Board of Nursing rules. See rule 24.159.1418)

  1. Possess a current Montana RN license, or a current RN license from anther Nurse Licensure Compact state, or must submit an RN application with your APRN application.
  2. Ensure that the official transcript, with degree awarded and date degree was conferred, is sent from the advanced nursing educational program directly to the Montana Board of Nursing.
  3. The applicant is responsible for requesting official verification of APRN licensure status from all jurisdictions for the preceding 2 years.  (Use the License Verification form).
  4. Provide verification of current national certification in APRN role and population focus.  For a current list  APRN National Certifying Bodies.
  5. Fingerprint background checks are required for new applications for licensure. Please review the application instructions for the fingerprint background check process.


RN by Endorsement:

  1. Be currently or previously licensed in another state or jurisdiction
  2. Graduation from an approved program of nursing
  3. Have passed NCLEX or State Board Test Pool Examination (SBTPE)
  4. Meet one of the following practice requirements: 
    • Graduated from an approved nursing program within the previous five years
    • Practiced nursing for a minimum of 500 hours within the previous five years
    • Completed a board approved refresher course within the previous five years
  5. Criminal Background Check
  6. Graduates of a foreign nursing program must also meet the requirements listed on the Foreign Educated Information page.

APRN – Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

CRNAs are authorized to determine and administer total anesthesia care in consultation and collaboration and with the consent of a licensed practitioner (physician or osteopathic physician). A request from the physician for anesthesia services by the CRNA is considered consent. CRNAs are specifically authorized to/for:

  • Provide preanesthesia evaluation including physiological studies to determine proper anesthetic management and obtaining informed consent; 
  • Selection and application of appropriate monitoring devices; 
  • Selection and administration of anesthetic techniques; 
  • Evaluation and direction of proper post anesthesia management and dismissal from post anesthesia care; and 
  • Evaluation and recording of post anesthesia course of patients. 

The above identified duties include the provision of pain management services.

CRNAs may also be authorized to provide other duties that are normally considered medically delegated duties. Such duties shall be determined and under the joint responsibility of the governing board of the hospital, medical staff, and nurse anesthetist personnel of a licensed hospital, clinic, or office. All such duties, except in the case of an emergency, shall be in writing. CRNAs are eligible for federal controlled substance registration and may prescribe controlled substances related to the determination and administration of total anesthesia care.


  1. Have a current Registered Nurse license in Nebraska or a multi-state license from another compact state under the Nurse Licensure Compact Act; 
  2. Have completed an advanced course of study preparing you for your Nurse Anesthetist role 
  3. Have taken and passed the National Certification Examination (NCE) given by the Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists. 
  4. Within the previous five years, have graduated or practiced in the nurse practitioner-anesthetists specialty role; and 
  5. Complete a fingerprint criminal background check. 

Temporary Permit:  A temporary permit may be issued to:

  • Graduates, for 60 days or until the results of the examination are known, who have not previously taken an approved credentialing examination and who meet all of the requirements for licensure as an CRNA except having passed an approved examination. 
  • Applicants, for 120 days, who are lawfully authorized to practice in an advanced role in another state pending completion of the application process; or 
  • Applicants for purposes of a reentry program or supervised practice.



  1. A completed and signed application form, including the applicable license and fingerprinting fees (money order, cashier’s or personal check, or MasterCardTM, VisaTM, DiscoverTM or American ExpressTM
    debit or credit card) made payable to the Nevada State Board of Nursing (NSBN). Fees are not refundable. Applications will be accepted without a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN); however, a license will NOT be issued without an SSN.

  2. A copy of evidence of graduation from your nursing education program. The document you submit must indicate a nursing degree and graduation date.

    All graduates of nursing programs in the United States:

o If you are an RN applicant, you must submit a copy of your diploma or official transcript issued

directly from the registrar to the student or to the Board, which must indicate a nursing degree and graduation date. If you are an LPN applicant, you must submit a copy of your certificate or official transcript issued directly from the registrar to the student or to the Board, which must indicate a nursing degree and graduation date. Please note that computer-generated transcripts are not acceptable. 

  1. Official verification (or endorsement) from your original state of licensure by examination, accomplish this by:

    if your original state of licensure by examination is enrolled in Nursys, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Nursys Verification database, you must visit to submit the form online.
    if your original state of licensure by examination does not participate in Nursys (AL, CA, HI, OK, LA-LPN), you must send the NSBN Endorsement Form (enclosed) to your original state of licensure by examination with their appropriate fee. Please contact your original state for additional instructions.

  2. Completed fingerprint cards (see separate instructions and submission form). Note: a permanent license will not be issued until the Board receives fingerprint reports from the Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and any issues have been resolved.

Due to various factors, it may take up to four months for the Board to receive the official fingerprint results from the Department of Public Safety and FBI.


Qualifications for Nevada Licensure

You graduated from an approved school of nursing with a nursing certificate (LPN), or diploma or nursing degree (RN),
You passed the NCLEX or SBTPE licensing examination,
You hold a current, permanent license in anotherstate,

You have a U.S. Social Security number,
You have completed and submitted fingerprint cards, and
The Board has received and cleared your fingerprintreports
You have passed an English proficiency exam (only if licensed as a nurse in the US less than 5 years)

General Information

 Follow all instructions. All questions in all sections must be answered completely and the answers legibly written. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  •   Your application for licensure is valid for one year from the date received by the Board. It is your responsibility to follow up with the Board to determine the ongoing status of your application.

  •   The address furnished on this application will become your address of record.

  •   You must notify the Board, in writing, within 30 days of any change in your address of record.

  •   One temporary license may be issued when the appropriate criteria has been met. It is valid for six months and cannot be renewed. If you obtain a temporary license, but do not complete the licensure process, you will not be eligible for another temporary license again in the future.

  •   After all documents are submitted, reviewed, and evaluated, if you are eligible for a permanent license, one will be issued. As processing of your application is dependent upon receiving documents and other requirements from outside sources, we are unable to provide specific time frames for processing. However, if your application is complete and meets the requirements for issuance of a license, we can generally issue your license, temporary or permanent, within a week of receipt of your application and the applicable documents.

  •   Nevada does not issue hard card licenses. No license card will be mailed to you. You may print out a paper copy of your Nevada nursing license from the Board’s website at

  •   You will not receive notice of licensure expiration dates or licensure renewal dates from the Board. You are responsible for knowing and tracking your licensure expiration date.

  •   You are strongly encouraged to register with Nursys e-Notify. e-Notify is a free of charge innovative nurse licensure notification system where you can receive real-time notifications about your nursing license status. The system provides an automated noticed of licensure and publicly available discipline data directly to you. Information contained on the e-Notify system is considered primary source equivalent. e-Notify may be accessed via a link from the Board’s website or directly at


    Please do not send any documents before you submit your application. 

  • If you download an application from the Board’s website, a fingerprint card will be mailed to you upon receipt of your application in the Board office. You are strongly encouraged to complete your fingerprints immediately and submit the completed form on the reverse side with the Civil Applicant Waiver OR the fingerprint card along with the Civil Applicant Waiver at the same time as your application. 





New Hampshire

  • eNLC
  •  You may obtain finger printing cards from the facility you use. Under Reason: Be sure to write in: Board of Nursing. For more information or questions, please email the Board at
  • New Hampshire Board of Nursing Criminal Record Check:

    1. Applicant must obtain the proper form and fingerprint card from the Board of Nursing. 

    2. The form and fingerprint card must be fully completed (form notarized) and returned to the Board of Nursing. 

    3. The cost per applicant is $47.00 for the state fee and fingerprint card.

  • Most license applications may be completed using the online licensing system as opposed to the "paper forms" below. FBI fingerprint and the criminal record release authorization forms must be filed with the NH Division of State Police, and received and reviewed by the Board of Nursing before a license can be issued.

New York

RN only state

CEU Requirements to apply

Child Abuse, Infectious Disease









RN Only

Required CEU for Child Abuse timed powerpoint presentation with exam about 13 hours

on-line application

temporary license available Licensing 2-4 months


Rhode Island












American Samoa 684-633-1222

no website