starting over again


i don’t know about you but it’s pretty crazy around our household.  My calendar for January is looking busy. Next week will be a crazy time and my husband might disown me.  

Wednesday, like all days I’ll be up and going to work at 6 AM.  The difference is that the movers will be walking in the door at 6AM.  They are packing everything then loading the Uhaul.  Then, I’ll get home from work and we drop off the keys, fobs, and say see ya later to Philadelphia.  We are to make it 2.5 hours south into Maryland.   

Sounds totally easy right?  We only have to put the dogs up front in the Uhaul.  Get the kid in the back seat of the Jeep and have everything packed/loaded in 10 hours.  The next morning we have to leave by 7AM.  If not we miss the walk-through on the home that has caused some stress over the past weeks.  

We’ll drive another 2.5 hours and arrive immediately at the house.  Park in the driveway walk through the home and make sure all is in good order.  We’ll rush to the hotel and drop off the dogs, check in for my parents and us for the two whole nights.  Then it’s again off to closing in Virginia Beach.  When that part is done we’ll again be home-owners.   

It doesn’t sound like too much.  But, I start work the following day so again it’s up to Francisco to get things unloaded from the Uhaul and unpacked.  my parents are coming to help install, set-up, baby-proof, and shop.  I don’t know if they are ready for what they are in for!

The one-day move and in-between contracts.  It’s going to be a bit stressful but i know we can do it!   

The rest of the month is just surrogacy, 3 work places and contracts, two birthday parties, and having a fence built.  

Planning just like all things is key but being able to maintain the plan as a fluid work is key.  Happy almost New Years! 

One week until assignment completion.

One week to go.  I’m working a solid week next week and we are done as of Friday… won’t be able to go until Saturday.  Saturday morning I will go get the trailer from UHaul. 

This past week Francisco and I said our thank you to the department as they have showed us extreme generosity while I have worked with them over the years.  When my grandfather passed they understood and allowed me time out despite the contract.  When our baby girl came early I jetted off for two months despite many problems in Mexico and finally on return they had thrown us an amazing baby shower.  We wanted to say Thank you for all they have done.  We brought in 80 Enchiladas, veggie, bean, and beefy.  Just a huge display of Tex-Mex gluttony that CRNAs, pre-op nurses, OR Nurses and techs all enjoyed.   

Francisco and I have been packing and learning just how much we don’t need with us in Philadelphia.  We will have to get a thing or two but after this experience …. I’m betting it won’t be nearly as much J. 

Francisco is still practicing his Macarons and someday he hopes to sell them. One of these days I’ll start Francisco a website for his recipes, food pictures, and who knows J.  He wants to do either a food truck, stand, catering, or ?? restaurant at some point.

I have finally hired an assistant (1099) to help out in taking care of some of my paperwork, accounting, licenses, research and all those things I remember in the OR and can’t actually get done when working 60 hours a week.

This coming month we will drive to KS.  Do a whole bunch of rental house stuff. Legal paperwork mumbo jumbo.  Go see Mt Rushmore in a rush.  Visit with Grandparents of Elizabeth and then Fly back to Massachusetts pack and head to Philly.  July 1 all things change again J.  We’ll keep you up to date!

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