i don’t know about you but it’s pretty crazy around our household.  My calendar for January is looking busy. Next week will be a crazy time and my husband might disown me.  

Wednesday, like all days I’ll be up and going to work at 6 AM.  The difference is that the movers will be walking in the door at 6AM.  They are packing everything then loading the Uhaul.  Then, I’ll get home from work and we drop off the keys, fobs, and say see ya later to Philadelphia.  We are to make it 2.5 hours south into Maryland.   

Sounds totally easy right?  We only have to put the dogs up front in the Uhaul.  Get the kid in the back seat of the Jeep and have everything packed/loaded in 10 hours.  The next morning we have to leave by 7AM.  If not we miss the walk-through on the home that has caused some stress over the past weeks.  

We’ll drive another 2.5 hours and arrive immediately at the house.  Park in the driveway walk through the home and make sure all is in good order.  We’ll rush to the hotel and drop off the dogs, check in for my parents and us for the two whole nights.  Then it’s again off to closing in Virginia Beach.  When that part is done we’ll again be home-owners.   

It doesn’t sound like too much.  But, I start work the following day so again it’s up to Francisco to get things unloaded from the Uhaul and unpacked.  my parents are coming to help install, set-up, baby-proof, and shop.  I don’t know if they are ready for what they are in for!

The one-day move and in-between contracts.  It’s going to be a bit stressful but i know we can do it!   

The rest of the month is just surrogacy, 3 work places and contracts, two birthday parties, and having a fence built.  

Planning just like all things is key but being able to maintain the plan as a fluid work is key.  Happy almost New Years! 


Have i told you lately how challenging I never thought buying a home would be?  It wasn’t the loan process.  It wasn’t finding the house. It wasn’t that i wanted something high in the price range or terribly crazy. It was the IRS. 

2015 they say they never got my taxes despite them saying they should have.they were electronically submitted twice, mailed and 3 weeks ago faxed. They have given time ranges of 3weeks to 6 months.   i still don’t have the transcript of them being entered. I gave up.  

My mortgage broker is at the top of his company and my brother.  He has been there 9 years and a lender for years before starting.  I knew he was good but he was able to get some exceptions based on who he is and my financial past helped.  It’s not that it was easy or normal and I know i stressed him out.  

Thing is i have been a rule following good boy for nearly 38 years and beurocracy and things out of my control were affecting me.   

I have to say i will time and again always go to him because I know no other mortgage broker would have gone through allllll the hasslesfrom proof of 1099 income, rental properties, strange stock investments, and just one crazy life with a history of moving 38 times in 38 years.  

If you have any mortgage needs i don’t hesitate to recommend him.  You should know that his company will require 2 years 1099 income history, if you are 1099. If W-2 just a contract or statement of employment and verification of income are needed.   

To get Matt please E-mail:

Tell him I said he is amazing and you heard on ... no i don’t get anything for this.... just want him to know his little bro knows he is amazing!  


I was listening to someone talk in the lounge saying they would never leave this area.  Her husband was offered an amazing opportunity and they said no as it wasn’t in the city.  Their kid was going to college and they begged to have them closer to home and now they think they might return to the same city.   

I guess this idea of staying in one place for life or not entertaining moving for career or home is foreign to me.  I’ve moved around and met new people my whole life.  Freinds of the long term capacity can be hard to come by.  However, within the military life of moving i found lifetime friends.  I know moving has allowed me to make friends around the country and understand different types of people, culture, and demographics. 

I tend to think anyone could do the locum life if they were so inclined but I’m learning that the more rigidly settled a person is the less likely for them to do locums.  Per diem in multiple hospitals in the area might be their perfect gig and while it may be 1099 it is unlikely to be billed as locum.  Others find a w-2 job that will allow them to work 2 full time jobs.  I see them race from call shift to call shift and i wonder how they do it when i know how it feels working 60-80 hour weeks and how lovely it can be at 40 hours.   

I think it all comes down to motivation.  Part of my motivation is to keep up in all areas of practice so I’m well rounded.  My goal is to be flexible, work a fair amount and over.  I want to be capable of going into any room and being comfortable.   I love new sights and allowing family to see all that surrounds us and our opportunities as we grow together.  Others, look for safe, secure, & what is known.  Others look for moving up the ladder of success in leadership, research or business as they grow and that is their motivation.   

Its fun to learn where people are in life.  Then it is nice to remember those people and in going to new places meet those who might also mesh well with others and who might build people up to their potential.   

So, dream big and bring others along the journey.  Find a passion and a motivation!   

Busy Life

Can I just say how fast life is flying by?  I have been in Philadelphia a month and a half!  We are settled in and Rosie has broken 2 Leashes... it's a miracle the little Frenchie is not DEAD.  We live in the very busy downtown area of Philly and there are highways and significant throughways all around our apartment!!

We must be getting busy because we are talking about how busy we are and how much we have to do.  That usually means we are settled in a place and are just becoming cranky that life is catching up with us!  We love getting to do all these things here in the city but housework is not loved by anyone!  

So, when you decide you are going to locum.  You have to think about what you are going to do and how you will live in the city.  Francisco loved the hotel where they came to clean each and every day.  Life was totally different pre and post Elizabeth and the hotel was almost do-able before the little girl blessed us ... but now we move.... EVERYTHING EVERY TIME.  We plan for long term options and what we can do in the event things change.  

I have to look at what the best options are for us and where the opportunities exist.  We also look at cost of living.  We are also down to one car as our truck wouldn't fit in the parking garage here.  We only did this for a short time in Dodge City years ago but we had bikes and other activities in a small town.  Now we have lots of activities but two dogs, two of us, and the kiddo soooo we are again a little limited.  

The great thing is we are paying bills and getting ready to pay off the Jeep we have with us!  I'm so stinking excited.  Each month I see the total debt reduced in a significant way, I'm so happy.  It makes the amount of work worth while!  

Francisco is starting his food channel on YouTube and talking to me about the food truck again.  I think someday we might work on a restaurant but it will be so difficult to bring that into the mix.  

Just my thoughts on today!