Have i told you lately how challenging I never thought buying a home would be?  It wasn’t the loan process.  It wasn’t finding the house. It wasn’t that i wanted something high in the price range or terribly crazy. It was the IRS. 

2015 they say they never got my taxes despite them saying they should have.they were electronically submitted twice, mailed and 3 weeks ago faxed. They have given time ranges of 3weeks to 6 months.   i still don’t have the transcript of them being entered. I gave up.  

My mortgage broker is at the top of his company and my brother.  He has been there 9 years and a lender for years before starting.  I knew he was good but he was able to get some exceptions based on who he is and my financial past helped.  It’s not that it was easy or normal and I know i stressed him out.  

Thing is i have been a rule following good boy for nearly 38 years and beurocracy and things out of my control were affecting me.   

I have to say i will time and again always go to him because I know no other mortgage broker would have gone through allllll the hasslesfrom proof of 1099 income, rental properties, strange stock investments, and just one crazy life with a history of moving 38 times in 38 years.  

If you have any mortgage needs i don’t hesitate to recommend him.  You should know that his company will require 2 years 1099 income history, if you are 1099. If W-2 just a contract or statement of employment and verification of income are needed.   

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Tell him I said he is amazing and you heard on ... no i don’t get anything for this.... just want him to know his little bro knows he is amazing!