Busy Life

Can I just say how fast life is flying by?  I have been in Philadelphia a month and a half!  We are settled in and Rosie has broken 2 Leashes... it's a miracle the little Frenchie is not DEAD.  We live in the very busy downtown area of Philly and there are highways and significant throughways all around our apartment!!

We must be getting busy because we are talking about how busy we are and how much we have to do.  That usually means we are settled in a place and are just becoming cranky that life is catching up with us!  We love getting to do all these things here in the city but housework is not loved by anyone!  

So, when you decide you are going to locum.  You have to think about what you are going to do and how you will live in the city.  Francisco loved the hotel where they came to clean each and every day.  Life was totally different pre and post Elizabeth and the hotel was almost do-able before the little girl blessed us ... but now we move.... EVERYTHING EVERY TIME.  We plan for long term options and what we can do in the event things change.  

I have to look at what the best options are for us and where the opportunities exist.  We also look at cost of living.  We are also down to one car as our truck wouldn't fit in the parking garage here.  We only did this for a short time in Dodge City years ago but we had bikes and other activities in a small town.  Now we have lots of activities but two dogs, two of us, and the kiddo soooo we are again a little limited.  

The great thing is we are paying bills and getting ready to pay off the Jeep we have with us!  I'm so stinking excited.  Each month I see the total debt reduced in a significant way, I'm so happy.  It makes the amount of work worth while!  

Francisco is starting his food channel on YouTube and talking to me about the food truck again.  I think someday we might work on a restaurant but it will be so difficult to bring that into the mix.  

Just my thoughts on today!