Labor Day Weekend

I hope most had an outstanding Labor Day!

its about time to start thinking ahead.  It is now September and the free fall to New Years is coming.  This month is mostly AANA state and national meetings.  October is Halloween. November is Thanksgiving and December Christmas/Hanukkah.  The year is going to be over!  

I say this because so many people tell me later, I'll do something later.  I'll diet next week.  I'll be ready for a change next year.  I'll organize my desk next weekend and 8 weeks has gone by.  I'll work on my solo401k vs checkbook IRA when I have free time.  I'll invest in real-estate when the perfect deal comes.  We'll have children when we are settled and debt-free.  The list goes on and on.  So... you want to talk about locum work and get started when?   

You pick a date just far enough away that something can come up.  Oh, the gas price went up so I couldn't do the paperwork for my business.  What???  Anyways, today's point is to please do something toward what you want. If you aren't actively doing something, you are dreaming.  When you do something you set things in motion and a follow up step is required.   

It's easier when you start.