A Good Time

I’m waiting until... it’s a good time.  I’m waiting until after ....  

When is it time to become a locum?  I’m waiting for fall or winter to start?!?!  I’d caution you that it’s harder to start in fall or winter.  

As you might well know, the surgery schedule slows as people want to put off cases until the next deductible year.  New grads have trained up over the past few months and passed their board exams.  Contract Take-overs have leveled out their needed number of locum providers.  Snow birds have found their winter retreats and things have mellowed.  

Spring is a season of prepping for children to move in between school years.  Vacation coverages are needed for those in care teams that try to get their people the needed weeks for family vacation.  Aana state and national meetings abound.  New grads are taking positions but are pending boards or credentials.  The summer leaves places hurriedly scrambling to accommodate elective cases and vacations.   

Spring and summer are the times for a locum to find some steady work and prepare for a wintertime slowdown or intermittent coverage.  Time for vacation, CEUs, recertifications and generally preparing for the times ahead.   

So, it’s the very beginning of spring so... what are you waiting for?  It’s time to go through the Credentialing list and talk to a couple trusted agencies to get your spring and summer rolling!  If you need a recommendation contact Jared info@BlocHealth.com or Randi at RCarter@nationalAnesthesia.com

if you have questions for me... locumCRNAs@gmail.com