Cleaning out the office

It has to be done right.  Organization, files, and keeping the house in order.  Just like updating your credentialing, reviewing your licenses to see which ones are coming up for renewal and ensuring the CEUs are all up to date, and finally ensuring the CV has your affiliations, contacts, npi, coi, etc etc etc  all up to date. 

Not an easy task as I continued on the road for a while and returned home to stacks of paperwork.  Yes, my office is a general mess at any given time.  I start to file and realize I don't have files for everything.  I then write out a list for the store so I can get the files and then something happens.  Then Francisco comes in and says hmm... I'll make it neat and clean in here and all my papers are neatly stacked in the same mix of OMG stuff that never was sorted or filed away.  

Long story short... get the files in order.  Just like all those credentialing items you need to have in a file ready to go at a moments notice.  Just like the CV being up to date.  Your office needs to be organized enough that you can tell your partner, child, mom or dad, or maybe even a neighbor... whomever is there to go look for that one thing you need while you are on the road. 

There will be something that is missing, unless you moved your whole life into an RV and sold every possession (ie no storage or other).  Someone will have to look for something you need at some point.  We've all been there.  

This is my week.  I'm off.  I only have a few Pampered Chef things.  I only have an application for school to do.  Francisco flies out for the weekend and mom flies in for the weekend.  This will get done.  I'm excited to get going.  I ordered additional files from Amazon so I wouldn't get sidetracked.  I'm ready for an exciting office day.  

This is also time to review insurance, investments, IRAs, Accounting documents, and those business pieces that keep you going even when your working.