Summer Needs

Vacation coverage time is coming up and those that are wanting to get some of the summer coverage. This is at the same time new graduates are looking to start so you need to work on getting the contracts secured and credentialing completed.  Credentialing takes longer due to multiple credentialing needs with new grads starting after passing boards.

It is not unheard of for credentialing to take 3-5 months.  Tack on time if you have to apply for state licenses.  Are you thinking you can wait until next week or next month as it won't matter that credentialing could take a while?  Think again and start acting on it now.  Remember the credentialing paperwork you need to get together?  If not click here

Are you credentialed at a few facilities that need help consistently or is there something just in case the credentials take a little longer?  Have you talked to them about the spring and summer?  

This might be a place to discuss a plan B?  You know in anesthesia we talk about plan A/B/C/D

You say I'm going to apply to this Full Time job.  It sounds awesome but then 6 months later you are reviewing your options.  You have just moved to this town that you love but the work is less than stellar.  Maybe the opposite is true.  You didn't think about the school systems and now the kids are not getting the education you want for them or the house is amazing and the rest is just ok.  Maybe, just maybe, life is awesome and you work 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.  

Locums can be plan B or just the extra work in between.  Locum work tends to be intermittent and the need drives up and down throughout each year and ebbs and flows in a cycle.  This is dependent on both needs and compensation structures.  The new workforce creates a moderate need by being fluid as millennials change positions at hospitals more regularly and/or are working less trying to take on more of a life outside of employment.

Plan C D E There are a multitude of plans further down the list from independent contracting.  I do Pampered Chef for fun and some correlation to other side hustles.  That said I'm also looking at how I can make an impact with my side hustle.  There are a huge number of side hustles that people have but the only one that might make sense for you is the one that will actually be worked by you.  If you want information on side hustles.  Contact Betsy Majma re Rodan and Fields.  Me on Pampered Chef (even if you just want to host a party and get free Kitchen utensils, gadgets, cookware, and more).  There are so many others that I just don't know.  

The biggest thing is staying active and making a plan with decisions.  Decisive action is necessary.  Find the time today.  Reach out to an agency or two.  Three recruiters are listed here.  tell them Jonathan Wildy sent you :)

Looking for a Full time 1099 in a small town vibe?  Jared at has some options for the Full time job seeker as well.  If you want me to keep you in mind for when I'm asked... send me an E-mail at