I just had the nightmare.  A recruiter for a company that didn’t follow-up on my credentials despite my repeated requests to ensure all was ready to go for my March 1 start.  I received an e-mail after hours and very late that questions 4 parts of the credentialing packet which makes no sense.  This means they could not have ever looked at my credentialing paperwork.  I’m telling them that I am taking other work and if they desire to credential I will give them days as I have them available.   

I have called them every two weeks and this failure is blatantly unacceptable.  This is the reason agencies get a bad reputation as they fail to perform at the job.  Credentialing, follow-up, and ensuring an easy contract is the whole reason I see to utilize an agency.   

I am now having to go back to some standby work in order to fill a month but those fill in days don’t pay what they should as a day here and day their do not pay for the days missed in-between.   

I honestly don’t know how I could have been more on top of this.  I have written each of the people at the company and told the how unacceptable this is.  I am now scrambling to be able to pay my financials as I have been biding my time since January to start in March.  

I have been saying more and more that I have to get to zero (credit) debt as I know things happen.  I’m now kicking myself for these things.  So, learn from me and at least have more than two months of savings.  I do have multiple places I am credentialed so work isn’t the problem... it’s work in the area I wanted that is more of a challenge.  

I am contacting several contacts ASAP.  I’ll let you know what happens.