I should have thought of that!  I should have known that but no one taught me! Whaaaa!

What are you doing to educate yourself?  What are you educating yourself on?  you notice it’s not about anyone else but you. It can be aslittle as a $20 audiobook.  You can do some college course. You can start calling your resources.  Call your accountant and ask questions as to what you can do to save on your taxes.  Call your financial person and ask what tax saving instruments can help you.  Have you taken care of your house first?   Are you continually educating yourself?  Listen to your growth and development books, podcast, and be on top of the news or what’s happening around our profession.  

Don’t tell me you never go to your state or national meetings and you can’t find any groups that are autonomous.  Don’t tell me you don’t understand business or negotiation  but never tried to learn.  Take on the task of learning... if you are broke, go to the library or sit at barnes and noble.  

Basically, it comes down to us continually improving our experience,business, communication, & finally staying current in our anesthesia practice. You don’t have to spend hundreds... Just start by taking in your resources and available information.  One point of view doesn’t mean you’re educated. So please, take in multiple points of view. Take on the importance of growing your person. 

Have an amazing day!