At the Grind

Here I am back at the grind of everyday life of a locum.  I met with BlocHealth yesterday and it is so exciting to be meeting with agencies and making sure they are actively seeking great opportunities for you!  I made sure those getting credentialed are well on their way and doing well.  They are actively gaining daily contracts with groups across the US that are big and small!  

I was on call last night and I'm currently in the hospital enjoying being back at a facility I have had a long standing locum relationship despite a change of Anesthesia Management Groups.  

Relationships in Anesthesia are where it is at.  Keeping a good working relationship and providing services that can be dependable and cost effective are the keys to mutual respect.  

I've added a Newsletter to the main page so as strategic relationships and major advancements come to the site I can keep you informed and up to date.  I'm not anticipating doing mass e-mails or annoying mail on a regular basis so I hope you sign-up and stay up-to-date as we grow!