New Policy Availability at Canyon Clifton

We are excited to introduce a new exclusive program for part time/moonlighter CRNA’s, exclusive to Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc.

General Star Indemnity, an A++ Superior Rated Carrier and the Clifton Insurance Agency are proud to announce a TWO-YEAR Policy with UNLIMITED TAIL. This is the first policy of its kind.

Clifton Insurance Agency has been in business since 1982 and we strive to be the best. We are family owned and operated and we treat every client as if they are family.

General Star Indemnity (part of the Berkeley Companies) has been in business since 1980 and is rated A++ Superior by A.M. Best, there is no higher award given to an insurance carrier. They boast an XV Financial Size ($2,000,000,000 or greater).

Pricing:  $2,775.00 plus State Tax ($3,000 or less, total), for two years and the unlimited Tail. One application for two years, and affordable – what more could ask for?

Coverage Highlights

-Up to $1,000,000/$3,000,000 limits of Liability

-$0 Deductible

-Consent to Settle

-Defense Outside the Limits- $1,000,000/Aggregate limit

-Policy Flexibility- no worries about county restrictions

-Prior Acts at NO additional charge


Texas, California, Idaho, North Carolina, North Dakota, Arkansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Maine and Vermont.

Other States are also considered so please do reach out to us…

-As you can imagine, we are quite busy. While we enjoy the capability of social media, our time is better served tending to our clients. If you are interested in the new program, please contact our Program Director, Cooper Clifton. He designed the program so he can answer any questions. 877-212-4368 Ext: 103



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