Lazy is totally unacceptable... at work anyway.  It's another Sunday and yesterday was housekeeping day.   I found my Solo 401K paperwork sitting on my desk under the mountain of paperwork.  Don't let this be you.  

1.  Grab your EIN (employer Identification number).  This is what you, your accountant or whomever filed your incorporation documents sent on-line to the IRS which makes your company a living number.  For a sep or solo 401k... you need this

2. Your business name as it is in the incorporation documents complete with punctuation  

3.  Print the documents and decide how much you are going to put aside.  

4. Do it and actually send them in.  Your account and tax saving definitely won't start with out this!!

Yesterday, I was catching up on thank you's.  So, I have to vent a little.  Francisco has been a little self-oriented lately and I'm not sure if I have just overly appeased or somehow in thinking of the other... I over did it but I've had to tell him it's not just about him and I need some time for doing... everything.  He cooks and cleans amongst the everyday dog and Elizabeth duty but when I get home it seems that all shifts to me as well... so now I'm having to tell him I have to work on the business, the desk, the rental homes, the bills for the house, accountant, & lawyer.  He's like soooo you going to go to the gym in 30 minutes?  Short of having him do ... because it won't get done... how do I get him to notice all of this because he thinks it's 10 minutes worth of work?? 

I hired help but she has been on vacation and dealing with big family things for weeks.  I missed my oil change yesterday which was severely frustrating.  Francisco says what's the big deal?  Oil is on its last 10% life and I work 5 10's followed by 24 hour call. I'm not sure (when we have 1 car) here just what he thinks I can do and with what time?  

I'm reading reading reading on my gastric sleeve, talking to patients from the surgery, and reviewing everything.  I grow more convinced that I found the correct surgeon.  I think I have the normal pre-surgery jitters and it's months away.  I can't wait to fit into clothes it's been years since I saw.... granted they are mostly in Kansas so I'll be looking like baggy clothes guy for a while as I'm cheap,  in some respects!   

Work,  I was leaving Friday and found security slapped a sticker on my jeep window for move-it or be towed.  I couldn't believe it and I was fuming.  They told me to park in the garage and I did.  They failed to say or show any designated place in the garage.  So I got off early to find said sticker and called them to remove it.  They refused.  I tried to peel it and that was wrong.  I stopped at AutoZone for a razor thingy to get the sticker off... remarkably easier than I thought.   I then apologized to the security people explaining I had never dealt with a sticker and though it would be much worse to remove.  

After the sticker situation I was stuck in a GPS nightmare!  The main road was closed getting home.... construction!!! Seriously the road was fine!!! Drivers on the road they need to fire!  Seriously, they need 1000 cops pulling over these crazy drivers every time they use their car as a battering ram!  I saw an Uber driver with a dash cam... best thing ever!   

Ok, I've vented enough...back to your regularly scheduled life!