House Keeping

Today is general housekeeping day for cleaning and the like.  But, I'm referring to the site and FB Page.  I am trying to clean it up and look for ways to improve the site and make it more viable for others.  If you know of a way that I can improve things.  LET ME KNOW!  LOCUMCRNAS@GMAIL.COM or CONTACT ME!  It really is that easy.  I'm working on the states licensure requirements.  I do this on a weekly basis as it's quite tedious and some states really do not make it easy to find the requirements.  

Elizabeth is taking a nap and Francisco doing cleaning in another room so I really do need to get moving to work on this mountain on my desk!  When I say organization is key... it's because some days I feel a little CRAZY... like today :)  

I hope you have an amazing weekend.  Let me know your questions!