1st weeks

The first days in a new place are the hardest as one doesn't know the Doctors, CRNAs, Surgeons, Techs or admin.  

I had a lot of fun getting to do a variety of cases.  I'm hopeful that in the coming weeks I will have even more fun with the group here.  I have gotten back into hearts after at least a year or two off from them.  The surgeon is pretty nice and relaxed.  I've had a good group of people to work with and I truly look forward to the days to come. 

 I'm supposed to be going to multiple hospitals so next week will start a whole new day 1 process and a getting used to the system at a new hospital.  I'm excited to see this group and how they work together.  

It's interesting dynamics hearing what people do and don't like and how they express themselves.  It's not difficult to read people and see that they have reservations or dislike or like what they do.  

I have not seen it all and done it all.  I had a new experience of a doc on group text stating their displeasure with a call schedule and they will resign next week if it isn't changed.  It's just a whole new experience.  

I get a little perspective into other facets of anesthesia and management as I continue to work with people through this site, these facilities, and continually keep in contact with others.  The interesting thing is that it boils down to .. "just business".  What we do on a daily basis is truly the personal touch and a true people profession.  Please don't let me detract from that but the where we do, how we do, and when we do ... those things come down to business.  Some politics in how much hands are tied and what has to be done and how.  The thing is that business drives those decisions.  

When a new anesthesia management group takes over.  It's not because one was liked more or less or even that a group did a sub-par job.  It comes down to the buck.  Places get comfortable and complacent and happen to think they won't be taken over by another but they also have to realize that the board for the hospital, anesthesia group, surgical center, or whatever company ... may not be in the same profession.  They may have an MD/MBA and have never practiced medicine.  They may not have either a MD or MBA title.  The owner of a company may still outvote a board of directors that is supposed to be running the company.  All this is said to remind you that a contract is a contract and all have a term to them.  When things change it is business.  It is not because of the individual or that something happened.  

So, one week down and the business of anesthesia shows as a new group has merged with these hospitals and it seems to be eggshells for some.   I try to be mindful of the stress and go in happy and excited to be here.  There are things that help and happy patients are very important as the surgeons, anesthesia, and all parts of the group are more easy going and perceive a positive experience.  So ... the 1st week has to be a good week :)

Journey forward with me as we go :)