Let's talk skill set.

A recent question was posed about skills and the fact that some of us get rusty or haven't done XYZ in a ... while.  What do you say? How do you talk about them?  Let's use pediatrics as the skill in question.

First, have you just not done any kiddos 0-18 in years and you want to start doing them again?? Maybe the case is you want nothing to do with kids but over 12 is ok?  Where does your comfort level sit?  

When you talk to agencies you should know they want to be realistic with where you are and where you are willing to go.  Are you willing to do pediatric cases but want a hand in the room until you are comfortable??? The first 5 - 10 cases or maybe you say I'm not comfortable and don't want to go a place I'll have to do pediatric hearts or solo pediatric ER intubations.  

This is all ok.  But, you have to realize each case type you can't do or won't do may limit your opportunities.  It totally may have zero effect.  My current hospital will put you where you are comfortable.  No blocks, heads, hearts, cvl's, art lines, peds... it's ok.   

Important! Don't tell them you do and you can't do!  You should get a credentialing packet that will ask your comfort with procedures, cases, and numbers (estimated) per year.   

Please, let your agency know where you are and be optimistic about what you do and what your willing to learn.   

Continue to show your education, CEU's, ask questions, and when you are at your assignment take initiative.  Ask questions, act interested, & be ready for opportunities.