My last day!

Another day in the life of a locum CRNA.  You get kind of used to last days.  It's been over a year at this facility and these people are like family.  I truly have been blessed to have known them and worked with them.  Many things happened in my life with these CRNAs and MDAs.  I lost my Grandfather after a long life.  We suffered a miscarriage at 5 months pregnancy and we had our biggest blessing of Elizabeth coming 6 weeks early and my getting stuck in Mexico for nearly 2 months because of law changes and inability to get a birth certificate.  These guys stuck by Francisco and I and poured out support for us.  Tomorrow, is a business day.  It's the day where I say the contract had an end and for reasons of business, I'll be moving on.  I have grown as a CRNA as I do in every environment.  I hopefully have also broadened their expectation and anticipation for Locums in the future.  

Tomorrow, will be another fun day.  I love fun days.  I get to see everyone, smile and give them a happy good morning / afternoon / or evening.  I thank them for the opportunity and say that they never know, our paths could cross in the future.  I try to leave them with a great lasting impression of not only me but all locums so they know we are here when they are in need.  

Today, I called to verify the UHaul.  I verified our stops along the way to Kansas in order to take those things we over-packed and maybe purchased or replaced in the past year.  Hotels were booked.  The truck had it's maintenance.  I verified the bank accounts and deposits for the Massachusetts apartment we will be leaving, the amount for the Philadelphia apartment we will be going to, and then the incidentals we will come into as we go across the US.  

Tomorrow, I will also ensure to take out a minimal sum in cash just in case anything crazy happened and the credit cards caused a problem or there was any number of oh crud moments.  We will return our modem for the internet.  Don't worry ... almost everything works on these smart phones... albeit a tad more challenging.  

Finally, Saturday will come and I will get the UHaul, the movers will show up to help for 2 hours in packing our trailer, and finally we will set out for Buffalo.  

We have a pretty tight schedule to adhere to but one of these days we really want to enjoy some of our extra time off.  :)  

As the plaque on the wall says... Life is in the journey