Two days until I leave Massachusetts

Hello again CRNAs!  

Francisco, Elizabeth, Bentley and Rosie are all getting excited for our move... incidentally, I am too.  We have just about everything possible packed for the move to Kansas.  We are doing a divided move as we figured out we brought way to much with us to Massachusetts. 

We have verified our reservation at doggie play place for Bentley and Rosie.  They will have suite together and that alone will blow the agency provided travel allowance.  

We verified the U-Haul Trailer and the movers through movinghelp on the UHaul site.  

Today, we get the Truck's Oil Changed, download audio-books and podcasts.

We try to use up things in the fridge, pantry, and freezer.  

Things that won't be affected by heat or cold will be packed in the bed of the truck and locked in today.  

I have two more days of work.  I must warn you guys ... no matter where I go I am unable to take phone chargers or speakers.  I love to take music or a phone charger with me but inevitably I forget them.  Once they are forgotten, consider them gone.  I have "lost" two bluetooth speakers of moderate quality, and three IPhone chargers.  I also have no idea how or who would want them but I am now missing two calendar books.   So buyer beware in going to new facilities and taking things with you to make OR life kind of fun :).  

Today will be reviewing the finances and ensuring all the deposits for the apartments in the leaving city and the arrival city are ready.  Credit cards for travel to and from Kansas and Massachusetts then to Pennsylvania are reviewed and ready.  

Finally today I will review the routes and ensure I know where we need to get in order to be at our destinations on time.  We have quite the active schedule in the coming days and no minute is truly free.  

If you happen to be in Kansas City or in Philly... Kansas City will have some days of possible time off if you want to meet up for a drink or appetizer?  Philly, we will be there starting in July. We can definitely meet up in Center City!  Send me an E-mail at