Time to wake up

Good morning!!! You can do this!  Today is a whole new day.  Are we going to talk about doing, think about doing, or are we finally going to act?  Ok, maybe I'm the only procrastinator in the group as I sit and write to you instead of driving 9 hours home from a rapid fire 4 day vacation. 

i did an impromptu Facebook live session with you all and found out I need to at least develop an outline for what to say when doing that.  This is just like what I do with a contract.  I develop a plan or list of action points.  Then I do this when talking to recruiters.  Just like in anesthesia we have plans ABC&D... let's hope we don't get to C.  I also have that planning for what happens if.  That doesn't mean I call three agencies and accept three positions expecting two to back out.  When accepting a deal it's imperative to keep my word on the deal.  It's the first bit of trust between the group, the recruiter, & you.   

Did you know you are not the client? This means that despite the fact that in the OR we tend to reign... in the locum world we are once again just a rental.  Being a rental can be great or terrible but your thinking and attitude will be what defines you.   

I am a darn Good rental.  Next time we'll talk about what that means.