The things I do

You won't believe it's vacation time, the baby is with grandma and grandpa.  I'm awake :(

& it's 4AM. 

Yesterday, I set up internet/cable for Philadelphia while on the road to see Mount Rushmore!   

This morning I discussed with a fellow CRNA some contract terms that were not bad.  I mentioned that references are required for CRNAs but I think a new agency or one we haven't heard of ... should give a reference or two as well.  Very important that pay is correct and on- time.  Credentialing goes pretty smoothly with few hiccups on the agency or hospital side.  Then that the interpersonal dynamics are good and you feel comfortable working with the recruiter. 

Today we'll go see Mount Rushmore, the Dinosaur Museum, and Crazy Horse. We'll stay the night again then take off for Denver?!?