On Vacation

After quite the busy week, we should be "on vacation" tomorrow.  Technically, we have been in ks for about a week.  I have been put to work doing lots of manual labor and honestly it's soooo busy.  

If Francisco and Elizabeth were not here... I would find myself all consumed in working the next week too.  So, I would say it's good that I am going on vacation with Francisco and Elizabeth will be full time with the Grandparents.  I wonder if we'll be called home early?    

Working locum work has provided an amazing opportunity for us to have baby Elizabeth, take a risk on rental homes, take time to be with family, and opportunity to see many places in the states that we wouldn't otherwise go to with short vacations.  I have enjoyed many opportunities to be able to come home and see family.  We have been securing our financial future outside of using the traditional stock market for the majority of our investing.  I have been able to consider options for the future for Francisco as an aspiring chef/restauranteur.  

Today, I went into a bank to talk about financing future rentals. They didn't laugh me out of the bank which may have been the case just a few years ago.  As this is a line of credit mortgage on a home that is paid for, they stated no problems on my 1099 income after 7 years of doing this and calculated my overall asset base which is better than I have done.  It did show me that I need to get even better at managing my numbers just so I have a true set of spreadsheets and can make future loans easier.  

It is a very interesting world and the more I get into understanding the business side of life... I'm all the more intrigued.  For now though... it's time for a little vacation ;).  Have an AMAZING week!