Getting things done.

OK, here is the deal.  I'm on vacation in between contracts in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.  I am getting alot done on the rental houses to be.  My husband is tired of obliging my desire to do these but always loves just how well my dad gets the homes ready to go.  It is pretty darn impressive.  All I do when I get into town is have a ton of meetings, write the checks, and manual labor of paint, haul, and yard stuff.  Thankfully, Dad was released from the hospital yesterday but I am hopeful this gives him the minimal fortitude to take it a little easier and not stress so much.  However, that means I have to pick up more.  

I was asked, by the client hospital to start a week earlier so now we are trying to arrange this through the agency.  I don't know what the problem could be with doing that.  However, it is a week and while it sounds awesome to my wallet there are a few things to consider. This means no great move-in time or quick vacation to DC/NYC before starting.  It means very few options of dry run to drive to the facility.  It means the first few days will be a mad dash to purchase a few critical furniture pieces as we got rid of in Massachusetts and Kansas as our apartment just shrank a few hundred more square feet.  

All of this said, I still have no PA license and I'm pretty sure that due to the critical need and nature of the contract.  Credentialing should be done and even if not.  Orientation can still be completed.  Locum work is not for the faint of heart as each time it seems to truly come down to the wire for things.  

I am assured on the side of the client group, agency and state that things will all come together but I bring a bit of a pessimists perspective and tend to over analyze.  It's just the opposite with the Rental Homes. The scarier the project and all that needs to be done, the more intriqued I am.  

It's almost 7:30AM. I hope they don't get to mad I'm mowing the yard. Today is going to be a very busy day as we have three homes to get ready.  Tuck U Inn B&B, my AirBNB and then my parents guest cottage all in Aitchison, KS.  Atchison is the birth place of Amelia Earhart and has a large private college (Benedictine College).  I am already looking forward to about 5pm when all has to be done :).  

Best of luck to you in your locum journey.  Let me know what you are doing!