Sunday Day off or Work Day?

It is Sunday, today.  What is your philosophy for Sundays?  Work day or day off?  If you are a locum you could consider it as either.  Even if you are not physically in the hospital.  I am one that is always learning.  It doesn't much matter on the topic but it is important to have down time.  I can honestly say that there are not to many days that go by that I haven't learned something.  Here is my weekend in a nutshell....

This weekend isn't much of an exception to the learning thing.  I try to have each day be a learning thing by reading or listening to podcasts or watching YouTube videos.  I try to share what I learn through different outlets such as this site, my family, Facebook, or other.  I try to share my experience when people message me or call.  

Yesterday, I had someone ask me about setting up a fee structure for a small hospital locum contract that just kicked the group out and the hospital still needed the CRNA to come up for a scheduled time.  I worked about an hour on my presentation for Education Adventures in Costa Rica coming in June.  It's still not where I want it.... but it's coming along.  I learned about backyard gardens for about 2 hours and am going to take people up on the learning they offered!  I listened to three podcasts. I lost $100 at the casino this was a major reminder not waste money and time at casinos.  I discussed two rental home projects that are in process, and the financials. I went for a haircut which was major down time and depressing to see how many were in-line... I think I should own the hair salon but that is a different investment I don't have money or time for.  Elizabeth (my daughter for all unfamilliar) went to the doctor yesterday for a sick visit and needed a nebulizer treatment for what sounds like a chest cold.  I spoke with two agencies about how I can work with them in presenting jobs on-line they might have, being a liaison of sorts for when questions or comments are shared, and discussed some options for feedback that are anonymous and not discussing specifics but will keep them aware of negative (negative are not shared immediately and specific details are not shared) or positive feedback on great recruiters or pay.  I think this is a way that can improve the interaction especially when they know a large forum discusses pay, agencies, independent contracts, hospitals, and the process of being a locum.  I seriously think it scares some. That was my Saturday.  

Today, I will again go to the gym (like I did yesterday) and hope not to see a kid eat treadmill. I have three hours driving that will be broken up by conversations with a small Anesthesia Management Group that is CRNA run.  They are looking for hospitals, surgery centers, endo suites or other to add to their portfolio.  I think we will have a great conversation.  I'll visit some family and see a sheep farm which will be a nice change of pace.  Then it's the drive home and some podcasts.  I'll continue to read two books that I'm in the middle of and prepare for my 60+ hour week coming up.  I'd like to say that I'll be on top of it and plan my garden but I'm not sure that I'll get that far today but I think after returning home I'll be building the garden and getting it ready for planting.  It snowed here last night so I don't think I'm behind yet :).  OK... just my laid back weekend.  I hope yours was awesome.  I know I loved mine :)