Taxes and Investing

Many times our default is to say I don't know anything about taking care of the taxes or the accounting.  Maybe it's time we take on the task of learning as we continue in the understanding of the business of anesthesia.  

I'm not that smart and I don't know either investing or tax code.  But, I am taking control of the time to learn about these things.  I'm investing in my own understanding so that I can utilize the Locum world and combine it in order to provide for the family without providing more than my share to uncle sam, provide educational opportunities to my family, and increase my available time home.  I have to save the taxes in order to fund the financial/investing side.  I currently invest in real estate but hope to someday expand on that into the business, real estate, and stock markets as I learn.  

What are you doing?  I ask this not to sound like I'm doing much but just to be real.  I take the time to learn in each aspect by reading the business books, listening to podcasts, and continuing to ask questions.  

Recommended learning... Consider listening to the Bigger Pockets Podcast on Real Estate.  They have two Tax episodes by Amanda Han... so I would listen to those.  The application is to the 1099 type of income however passive income is different than active... so be careful on the full application.  Business books that I like include things like 4 hour work week (not for the 4 hour part but understanding how to maximize your time), Rise and Grind (the effects of early work and long term benfits), and Motivational books that will inspire increased relationship building.  

That's all I have for today.