66 hours

It has been a long week and typically I love it.  Yesterday was Francisco's Birthday and we did get to go out to eat, but it was still a pretty long day at work.  Have you ever had one of those days where ... just about everything was a little off?  That was my day.  The first case I had three people telling me how I had to do a standard gastric sleeve.  I generally accept help and how people want to do cases but having three cooks on the kitchen at induction it stresses the patient, me, and then the surgeons have a diminished view as well. 

I was hoping that the day would improve from there but it seemed there were little stupid things that were just a little off the rest of the day.  

One of these days I say that all will be perfect but I have yet to see anyone do a perfect case in everyones eye.  I tend to self deprecate and I definitely need to work on that.  Otherwise, I'm still working on my flexibility and even wanting to do more work as the day goes into 11-12 hours.  

All that is true, but today I'm home :).  I like being home with Francisco and Elizabeth.  I work a little on the site and adding to the states, updating the jobs available, and work on Francisco's new site in spanish.  (www.Conmuchosabor.com).  

I then go to the rental houses and dealing with what needs to happen in the coming week.  You know, this week was a bummer of a week on that aspect.  We lost another HVAC and have to redo an entire roof tear-off and gutters.  

I talked to two of our colleagues. One regarding 1099 perm position and the financial components and the need to really ask CPA and financial advisors questions and ensure they are on the same page as you.  Ensure they understand the differences and how it effects the nature of your finances from the start all the way through retirement.  

Another person asked about a contract that he was working on with another company.  The sticky points were a somewhat low amount per hour, a long drive, and a non-specific non-compete that could be detrimental should the place lose their contract.  

OK... feel free to E-mail at LocumCRNAs@gmail.com anytime!  Have a great weekend!