The dreaded day


Out of all the days moving day is the one that just stinks.  We have 2 dogs, an almost 6 month old and 2 higher maintenance guys to get from point A to B.  This time Massachusetts to Philadelphia.  It's a five and a half hour drive and we had to do half yesterday and half today.    

To be fair the moving help to pack showed up 2 hours late and I swear one moved like a sloth, or had smoked way to much pot.  It was like a slow motion picture.  I used Uhaul to take things to Kansas two weeks ago and they jerked me around to three different facilities, made my movinghelp sit and wait, and have been utterly non-responsive up to the regional management side so if you are thinking about it and have a different option the UHaul ... I think it's time to ditch them.  

I have a schedule, credentialing is verified, license set, and all is a go for Monday!!! 

Today, we will find groceries, parking, hospitals, pediatrician, vet, dog care, pool, & gym.  Oh shoot... we trashed our couch and bed... we'll do some shopping as well!  Verizon has already come and setup cable/internet so that's set.  

I cant believe it's Saturday and I start Monday!!! I had initially anticipated starting July 10 but as usual things moved up a little and so it's a good thing the apartment and all was set for earlier.   I received my schedule yesterday and I was hoping for some extra hours but at least I'm still in the average 50-60 hours range.  I had to get clarification on what some abbreviations on the schedule were.  It's interesting that so many hospitals work on a similar and not so standardized schedule.  

Anticipatipn of the coming days is so fun and exciting!!!  I'll be rotating to 3 different hospitals and so I'm hoping this doesn't mean 3 badges, sets of codes, sets of paperwork, 3 orientations, or computer systems!  

Well, it's 6 AM and we'll be on the road soon!! 

i hope your Saturday is awesome!!!