So close to return

Good morning!  

Today, we head back to New England.  We'll fly into Boston and then back to our apartment for a couple days and then get ready for our trip to Philly!

Planes are great, airports are not my friend. 

OK, why write today?  Well I just hear a Locum was all set to go for my next assignement next week and they backed out last second.  Have I told you how bad that makes you look?  Have I said that it might blacklist you from going with that agency in the future?  Why burn a bridge?  If it was for more money, why didn't you negotiate for what you would work for in the first place?  

This disrupts my ability to get a schedule but thankfully means I'll get more hours.  I wonder if they'll give me 80?  That's do-able for a time but will get to burnout soon enough.  I'm typically around 60 so not a big jump :)  

Ok... gotta go catch a plane.  Someday, I'll have to describe all the business stuff that goes through my head and thought process :).  Continue the journey