Day 1

After a long process of credentialing and state licensing, we have finally come to the 1st day... kind of.  I think this is the second time I've ever had an orientation day. This is so uncommon.  It'll be pretty easy to go in a little later.  Sit through computer log-ins and point to click.  Unfortunately for me, I have a 40 hour week guaranteed not an 8 hour day guarantee.... this means if orientation is an hour that's all I get for going in... generally I accept this setup so I get scheduled more hours and will work 50 - 60 hours per week and may still have a day off here and there.   

At 4AM I am writing the rest of this.  I showed up in typical early fashion.  Orientation to start at 8AM so I was in the hospital at 7:30 having a little caffeine.  Myself and another CRNA locum showed up at just about the same time.  

There are 5 locum CRNA's in this group going through computer training, and being shown the hospitals.  I think they might have a couple others here??   It's one of those things that can be difficult to assess until we know the lay of the land and the people. I like to people watch and listen.  It's nice to ask questions and get expectations clear up front regarding times, call turnover, call phones/pagers/cell phone?  It's always very interesting to hear conversations and people watch though.  

I try to be the outgoing guy.  Try to have a smile and seem calm/relaxed.  I don't always exude that at home and soooo I'm still working on it. 

the hours went by and still we hadn't done the computer mandatory training.  We had 8 hours of hospital tours, computer Meditec training and finally by 3 pm we were working on the mandatory online training.  My CRNA buddy, from the morning, and I both had issues getting logged into the computer.  After IT working for 30 minutes and getting nowhere, our chaperone told her and I to go home and complete it.  So we took our leave of the group.  

Day 1 in the books but the real work day 1 is coming tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it :)