Getting ready for a change

We are getting ready for our next adventure.  I am packing up the desk and supposed to be doing that so I decided to delay the inevitable.  I have credentialing papers to notarize and get back to the agencies.  I will be going through Austin Major and Odyssey.  Neither of which are paying what I have been making and Odyssey isn't paying housing at all which makes it a bummer of a short term contract.  It is intermittent GI coverage for just two months while I await credentialing with Austin Major. 

It is definitely a different story for us as we tend to look for places that have both the pay and hours/work types that I want.  This is the first time I have said I want to be in this area and need a specific area or work radius.  I was trying to independently do a contract but the group/anesthesia Management Company figured I would just take a full time job with them and I wouldn't stick with locums as I have reason to be in the area for a year or so.  They were mistaken and although they need people they have decided not to use me as I am the cost of a standard locum.  Unfortunately, this group doesn't know my work, ability, or flexibility.  However, I do have the ability, albeit at a lower rate, to find a couple more groups that will know for the future.  

So, I'm packing up things.  We have hired Uhaul movers to pack everything and load all into the Uhaul on the 3rd of January.  I will drive down to Virginia either late the third or the fourth.  Maybe close on our house.  I start work on the 5th of January when things are unpacked.  It will be crazy times.  I will be at a GI center for the day and some intermittent weeks.  

Things are crazy with the 11 month old that turns one year 2 days after we arrive in Virginia.  She is starting to crawl well and some surfing some while standing.  We still have the two dogs that will join us in the trek from Philadelphia to the Virginia Beach Area.  

The house is still a big question mark as we have had to push back closing due to a tax problem where they are saying we didn't file although they were sent back in 2016 :(.  This has now caused the builder to impose a $150/day penalty on not closing and the IRS is saying it'll be weeks.  How does one sue the government again?  Oh right, you can't.  Bonus they might even charge me a penalty for them saying they didn't receive my taxes!  Bad week this week.

Things have a way or working out... I'm just hoping somehow all comes together like it should.  Getting ready for the crazy that is January.  Are you ready to do another new environment with me?