Lessons Learned

As a locum, one must remember the business is part of the game.  Speaking with groups, recruiters, doctors, & CRNAs is part of that.  I’m still learning but here’s what I know so far. 

Keeping doors open can be your best opportunity.   — don’t burn the bridges you traverse frequently.

Understanding the market in the areas your discussing can help you but you may not want to tell everyone that you know the market rates.

Until you have a signed contract you have nothing.  If you sign a contract ... honor it.

Be able to state things clearly but be flexible.

Knowing your abilities and being able to spin them in a good light will help you.

Negotiations for a long contract are possible but the company or group may want an interview just like being full time permanent staff.  

Never stop learning and keep your skillsets.  The skills that you have need to be tended and nurtured so as you continue your career keep your skills up.  If one place has a lot of one but none of the other... the next place should have what you are missing.  

Speaking of skills and education.  Review the CEU tab, State Meetings tab, and if you like us visit the Store for some small items we receive a small royalty on.