What is happening

I hate the idea of a W-2 or 1099 job... or is it just a job?  You know what that stands for right.... Just Over Broke.  Here is what I'm thinking?

Many CRNAs in this area have been here a long time and many are ex-military which is awesome.  Highly trained and reliable workers utilized to care for the region.  This is perfect except for the problem.  They don't need benefits and they don't always know their value.  So, many are 1099 ... can you believe I've heard one place pays 1099 90$/hr.  This is $50 an hour lower than most all-inclusive locum contracts and $85/hour lower than an AZ or NM contract I reviewed in the past couple months.  I want to plead with 1099 providers to know your worth and actually approach it with your expectation of pay!

I am a locum guy.  You know that.  Here is my concern and correct me if I'm wrong.  I'm looking for something in the Hampton Roads area for a year or so... could be 2 years could be 6 months.  Why?  We are working on a second child and we are in talks with a clinic in that area.  If all works out we would need to be in the area.  

So what?  I'm a planner and don't want to get to March and have to be there with no plan.  

There are jobs there... why not just take one?  --- I've been a locum for a while and take two jobs in 7 years.  Each one had flaws with my thinking in why I was there.  That said... I have a solid why for being in the area.  I look at these jobs and they pay less than I live on now.  Which either means taking two jobs or revamping life a little bit.  I had a plan to pay things off and get to my goal in rental houses by the time Elizabeth was 5.  I'm not certain that is possible in going to the area and doing surrogacy.  

The other thought is taking a full time yet not full time job and then supplementing as needed as a 1099 per diem.  The per diem is lower than I accept as a locum and causes the difficulty of having to work harder for the same pay :(.  

The other thought is to do locums in anther part of the state and drive 2-6 hours every time there is a medical appointment.  even the options for locums i am presented with would drop my pay by 10-20$/hour.