I was told this week by a 1099 person that for years his accountant only allowed him to write off his cell phone.  I'm not sure what everyone does for their accountant.  Here is what I do: 

Quarterly, I send statements.  Bank statements, car insurance, phone bills, house payments, insurance, utilities, anything and everything!  I highlight any meals for work, meals out, any CEU or training, job hunting, computers, tablets, phones or anything remotely for work purposes. This includes printer ink, office supplies, shoes or clothes, my new stethoscope as my other was just getting old, my work bag, and car tolls.   

These are just a few things that can be on the write off side.   

Talk to your accountant.  Ask if they'll review EVERYTHING?  If not go to and find an accountant that will work for you.  They are listed in the financial section of the website.   

5 hours could bring you tens of thousands of dollars.